Those who commit burglaries are sometimes more creative than we might imagine. Read on to find out how to improve the security of your property.


1. Burglars are deterred by CCTV and sensor lights

Any would-be burglar would rather target a home without CCTV than one with it. The simple presence of security cameras and alarm systems can be enough to deter any unwanted visitors. Check out our information packs on our wired and wireless security camera packages to secure your home. 

2. Burglars are deterred by alarm systems

CCTV cameras in conjunction with alarm systems make for the perfect duo. For a better result, place signs around the property warning of the presence of these. Despite what Hollywood might say, modern upgrades in the realm of alarm systems and security cameras (CCTV) are a near unhackable wall of defense.

3. Most break-ins happen during the day

Our collective thought is that burglaries happen overwhelmingly at nighttime under the cover of darkness. However, this could not be further from the truth, especially as concerned with residential properties. In reality, burglars prefer doing their dirty work in the day, when the chances of you being at work or otherwise out of the house are much higher. When it does happen at night, CCTV and alarms can give you peace of mind while you sleep.

4. Burglars don’t use force

Despite Hollywood movie portrayals, burglars prefer not to use force that would make noise or otherwise draw attention to them. Instead, they prefer to use more inconspicuous methods such as walking right through your door or crawling into a window. Burglars deal in human error so always make sure you don’t leave home without checking all the entry points.  

5. Burglars knock or ring the doorbell

Yep, that’s right. When scouting for potential victims, burglars will actually knock on your door to see if anyone is at home. If someone answers the door, then they quickly come up with a fake story and move on. Be mindful of strangers and try to remember any distinguishing features of such visitors. Our wired and wireless doorbell range is perfect to deter unwanted visitors. If anyone rings the doorbell and you aren’t home, simply answer on your phone and let them know you’re home, but busy. 

6. Put valuables in an irregular place

Thieves will often make a beeline for the master bedroom assuming that most of the valuables are there. Consider keeping your smaller valuables such as jewellery well-hidden in your kids’ rooms or out of any line of site. Keep in mind, no trespasser wants to stay in the house for a long period of time (which is why we refuse back-to-base systems), if you keep your valuables out of common locations you’ve got a far better chance of keeping them safe. 

7. Lock garden sheds, fences, and garages

Be wary of anything that might provide cover for would-be burglars. Sheds are full of things that thieves can steal and use to break into your home so make sure you lock them away. Don’t leave valuables like bikes, kayaks, and lawnmowers outside even while you’re at home (see point 3).  

8. Don’t leave your keys outside

This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many of us still leave our keys outside the house, in pot plants or under mats. As a general rule, if you have to leave keys outside, leave them somewhere at least fifty feet from the front door, or leave the key with a trusted neighbour. Better yet, install our smart deadbolt and remove the need for a key altogether for the highest level of security.

9. Don’t advertise that you’re away

Though it might be tempting to boast about a holiday you have planned, it’s in your best interest to keep this information to yourself. Being away makes your property more vulnerable to theft. 

Burglars will scout an area for common giveaways that a house might be empty. Any sign of poor maintenance. For example, things like piled-up mail, full bins, and long grass. You can’t always address every one of these, but if on holiday enlist your neighbours to keep an eye on your property and bring in the mail. Make sure to check out our smart lighting package which will allow you to automate and control your lights from anywhere in the world. This will keep any unwanted visitor from thinking nobody is around. 

10. Loud dogs and noisy neighbours

While your loud neighbours and/or their loud dogs may infuriate you, the noise deterrent will work in your favour to safeguard you against snooping burglars. Dogs are not only our best friend but one of the main deterrents from anyone looking to access your home!

One of our favourite ‘noise-makers’ apart from our furry best friends is our wired and wireless camera systems with in-built alarms. This allows you to alert the neighbours when anyone is trespassing on your property sending them running for the hills. 


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