We know that burglars are more likely to break into homes that have lots of coverage, so they can commit the crime and exit unnoticed. Automatic lights remove hiding places around your home so that burglars feel more exposed and are less likely to attack your home. This blog will go into detail about the different types of automatic lighting and their benefits.


External lighting keeps things visible

Many people prefer to keep their property less visible from the street under the false pretense that this will keep them safe from prying eyes and others with malicious intent. They grow hedges and trees, put up fencing and walls, not realising that this is far more detrimental to their safety.

Darkness is the perfect breeding ground for criminal activity as it offers protection in the form of hiding places and anonymity. Illuminating your property with automatic lights can help prevent this.

Firstly, they make it significantly easier for neighbours, passers-by, cameras, and even yourself to spot intruders. By suddenly illuminating the area when there’s a sign of movement, the automatic lighting is also likely to attract attention, further increasing the chances that a burglar will be caught in the act. Or, that they’ll simply be scared off.

Many burglars will scout an area during the day before they commit crimes in the evening. If they spot the presence of automatic lighting, then they’re more likely to pick another property where there’s a lower risk that they’ll be caught.

Internal lighting creates the impression of occupancy

But automatic lights aren’t just for the home exterior. They can be incredibly useful for the interior as well. Many automatic lights can be pre-set with timers that will turn on at specific times of the day while you’re away. These lights are great for deterring burglars as they create the impression that someone is home. 

When you’re selecting which rooms in your home to install automatic lights in, consider what would appear most realistic from street-view. For example, having all the lights in your home turned on may appear suspicious. Same as having just a hallway light. Consider lighting one room at the back and front of the home to cover all the bases. Maybe you’re thinking that this deterrent can be achieved by simply turning on a light as you leave the house, however, this can have an adverse effect. If the lights are on all night, this is likely to raise even more suspicion. Also, you won’t have the ability the control which lights are on once the door shuts behind you.


Embrace home security solutions

Although automatic lights are great for deterring burglars on their own, they’re most effective when used with other home security solution packages. By connecting your security solution to your smartphone, you’ll be able to arm and disarm your system from anywhere in the world. This can include turning lights on and off, locking and unlocking doors, opening or closing a garage door, and even seeing who is at your door.

If you’re interested in a home security solution or would like further information on how you can deter potential criminals from targeting your home, then please contact us.

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