Home Automation & Security Cameras CCTV Installers in Brisbane

Home Automation & Security Cameras CCTV Installers in Brisbane

Smarter Homes Australia – Home Automation & Security Specialists

Smarter Homes Australia offers a wide range of products for both home automation and security across the entirety of the Brisbane Region.  Our key focus as a company is to provide our customers with the best value products on the market. Focusing on the perfect tradeoff of cost, quality, and features. Some of our key products are as follows:

Wired Security Camera System (CCTV) 

Our wired camera systems come with a range of features depending on the models selected. Proudly securing a large number of homes across Brisbane, all of our wired CCTV packages include significant storage, audio, an installed monitor for viewing, and remote viewing via an app on your phone with no fees or charges.  Our advanced packages include in-built alarm systems in the camera known as an active deterrence system, sensor lighting, and two-way audio.  As the perfect addition to any home, more information can be found on our wired security camera system (CCTV) here. Please contact us directly for pricing as it varies depending on the number of cameras, the type of system and your home’s structure.

Smart Wireless Security Cameras 

Our wireless security camera system is the perfect addition to any home. This system is often a preference if you are looking for excellent value or you live in a property where roof and cabling access is restricted. The wireless camera system offers a number of incredible features such as crisp HD footage, IR night vision, a free feature-packed app for viewing and storing records on your phone, and much more. Pricing for the upgrade starts from $599 including installation and further information can be found on our wireless security camera system here.

Wireless Doorbell

The wireless doorbell system can be retrofitted to any home with a WiFi connection and provides a range of awesome features and security. The doorbell itself records any human movement within its frame and allows you to answer the door from anywhere in the world using a crisp 2K camera for video and a two-way audio system. If you are looking to go the extra mile, I recommend pairing this with the Keyless Entry Smart Deadbolt which allows you to answer and unlock the door from anywhere in the world. You’ll never miss a tradesperson or parcel again!  Pricing for the upgrade starts from $549 including installation and more information can be found on the wireless doorbell here.

Smart Video Intercom System

The smart video intercom system is our smart solution to the often-outdated wired doorbell/intercom systems. We often replace older intercom systems with this sleek new design or offer the system on new builds as retrofitting the product to an existing home is challenging with the wiring required. The system comes with incredible features such as HD footage straight to your in-built intercom, a sleek tablet design to replace the large out-of-date systems, and a free app that allows you to answer your doorbell from anywhere.  As a bonus, this system also integrates perfectly with your electric gate or a latch system on your pedestrian gate. You can find out more information about the wired intercom system here. Contact us directly for pricing.

Keyless Entry Smart Lock & Deadbolt 

The keyless entry package is our personal favourite smart home upgrade. Our smart deadbolt is packed with a range of features all accessible via the free app allowing you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere, check the status of your lock, receive notifications if the lock is being tampered with and even set unique pins on a timer allowing you to let tradespeople or friends in without being home. The Keyless entry package is AAA safety-rated and can be retrofitted to most doors. The system provides the benefits of home automation as well as an added layer of security. Pricing for the upgrade starts from $899 including installation and more information can be found on our keyless entry packages here.

Garage & Electric Gate WiFi Upgrade

The garage and electric gate wifi upgrade can be retrofitted to the majority of existing electric openers. The system is an addition to your pre-existing gate or garage and allows you the benefits of a smart garage door or gate without the cost of a complete replacement. The key features of the upgrade include opening and closing your electric gate or garage door from anywhere and checking the status of your door/gate remotely. You’ll never have to worry about leaving the garage door open again!  Pricing for the upgrade starts from $499 including installation and more information can be found on our WiFi upgrades here.

Smart Aircon / Heating Upgrade

The Smart Aircon / Heating Upgrade can be retrofitted to any air conditioner with an infrared remote. The system upgrades your existing aircon to smart without the massive cost of upgrading the entire system. The benefits of upgrading your system include significant savings on your energy bill, controlling the system remotely allowing you to cool or heat your home prior to your arrival, and setting the room to a specific temperature which will then control your system by turning it off once that temperature is reached and back on when the temperature fluctuates. Pricing for the upgrade starts from $499 including installation and more information can be found on the smart aircon upgrade here.

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We are proud to offer home automation and security installations across the entirety of Brisbane as well as the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Redlands, and Moreton Bay. Please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form or email at admin@smarterhomesaustralia.com for your free quote.

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