The internet of things has propelled the home automation industry into a new era. The innovation of smart home products is hugely applicable to home security through an ever-growing range of cheap, accessible, and easy to manage devices to improve safety. 



Smart Lighting


Arguably one of the easiest and lowest-priced options to install, smart lighting gives you the ability to remotely turn lights on or off from the comfort of your smartphone. Lighting at night is a huge deterrent to would-be perps. And, if you find yourself delayed returning home you can control your home.

Motion detection lighting can also be highly useful which is included in all of our wireless camera systems.

Video Door Bell 


Traditionally, doorbells only operate to let you know someone is at the door. The future of doorbells allows two-way audio as well as a high-definition camera system so you can identify who is at your door, even when you’re not at home. Prior to breaking into a home, many burglars ring the doorbell to see if anyone is home. Our video doorbells act as an excellent deterrent allowing you to converse with and identify who is at your door. 


Wireless Camera Systems


While professional set up is available, residential wireless camera systems are now fully integrated with the internet. Most critically, they also allow you the freedom to view your property and connect remotely. While this may sound very Big Brother, we could all do with the ability to check on our properties occasionally.


With cheap cloud storage, storing footage is now much easier. Plus, additional functionality such as motion detection ensures that you are only storing footage that is of use.


Remote Reporting


The ultimate wonder of IoT is that it is not only a 24/7 technology but is also accessible by any internet-enabled device. Traditional lighting, wireless camera systems, audio/visual doorbells, and burglar alarms are great. They act as deterrents but unless they are internet-enabled you’ll just be returning to the scene of a crime. IoT-enabled products have the huge advantage of having immediate reporting abilities. If the cameras are triggered, or a motion detection light switches on, you are informed remotely and can call the police.


In this day and age of alarm apathy – ignoring car or domestic alarms when they go off – internet-enabled alarm systems allow you to know the moment something triggers an alert and rather than coming home to an emptied home with a blaring alarm, notifications, and alerts via your smartphone alert you the moment something needs your attention.



Smarter Homes Australia are both residential home automation experts and can help you ensure that your home is not only safe but takes full advantage of the latest technologies. Contact us to discuss see how we can help make your home more secure. Or email us at:

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