NDIS Case Study – Independence and Security

NDIS Case Study – Independence and Security

In today’s world, NDIS participants are seeking innovative solutions to enhance their independence and ensure their safety. Smarter Homes Australia, a trusted smart home and security installer, has been at the forefront of empowering individuals like Cindy, a 35-year-old client, through their cutting-edge solutions. This case study delves into Cindy’s journey and explores how Smarter Homes Australia’s personalized solutions have transformed her day-to-day life, enabling her to embrace greater independence and peace of mind.

Client Background:

Our client Cindy is a determined 35-year-old, who lives with a physical disability that affects her mobility. As an individual who cherishes her independence, Cindy’s support worker sought out Smarter Homes Australia to explore options that would allow her to navigate her home more freely while ensuring her safety and security.

Challenges Faced:

Limited Mobility: Cindy’s physical disability posed challenges in her day-to-day activities, restricting her ability to move effortlessly within her home.

Safety Concerns: Cindy, like anyone, had concerns about her personal safety and the ability to respond promptly to emergencies given her limited mobility.

The desire for Independence: Cindy longed for greater independence and the ability to perform routine tasks without relying heavily on assistance from others.

Solution Provided:

Smarter Homes Australia conducted a comprehensive assessment of Cindy’s requirements including her home layout to develop a personalized smart home and security system. The solution encompassed a range of innovative components designed to address Cindy’s unique challenges:

Smart Home Automation & Assisted Living: By integrating intelligent devices including smart lights, a keyless entry smart locking systems, WiFi Garage Upgrades and a video & audio doorbell to a home assistant Smarter Homes Australia created an environment where Cindy could effortlessly control various aspects of her home using simple voice commands or a user-friendly smartphone application. This allowed her to adjust lighting, manage temperature, and let family, friends and carers in the home all from her phone and voice.

Personalized Security System: To address safety concerns, Smarter Homes Australia integrated a CCTV system with an in-built alarm and strobing light system that deterred any unwanted visitors from the property. The system linked straight to Cindy’s phone allowing her to manually trigger the alarm on the cameras if she ever felt unsafe alerting the neighbours that there was an issue. She was also able to see all cameras at anytime both from her phone, computer and television.

Results Achieved:

Enhanced Independence: The smart home automation system empowered Cindy to take charge of her living environment, significantly reducing her reliance on others for routine tasks. This newfound sense of independence enabled her to live life on her own terms.

Improved Safety and Security: The integrated security system provided Cindy with peace of mind. The manual/automatic sirens and video doorbell system offered real-time communication and immediate response in emergency situations, ensuring Cindy’s safety and reinforcing her sense of security.

Streamlined Daily Routine: The automated features, including door operations and lighting adjustments, simplified Cindy’s daily routine, saving her valuable time and effort. This enhanced efficiency allowed her to concentrate on pursuing her personal goals and interests.


Through their expertise in smart home and security technologies, Smarter Homes Australia successfully transformed the life of Cindy, a 35-year-old client seeking independence and security. This case study highlights how tailored solutions can empower individuals with disabilities, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives and accomplish their aspirations. Smarter Homes Australia is committed to leveraging technology for the betterment of our clients while setting a benchmark for the industry. Cindy’s journey serves as an inspiration, showcasing the profound impact that personalized smart home and security solutions can have on enhancing independence and ensuring peace of mind for individuals with disabilities.

Please note, the client details above have been changed to protect their privacy. To find out more about how Smarter Homes Australia can benefit the live’s of an NDIS participant feel free to check out our NDIS page or contact us directly here.

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