How To Buy The Best Home Security Cameras In Brisbane

How To Buy The Best Home Security Cameras In Brisbane

A home security camera can work as your eyes and ears when you are away on holiday or just generally out and about and away from your house. So whether you are watching your mischievous dog while at work or want to install outdoor cameras to prevent a robbery, a security camera helps protect your home, pets and belongings.

Naturally, when it comes to our homes, we all want the best and the safest option on the market. So if you are a Brisbane-based homeowner chasing the best home security cameras on the market, Smarter Homes Australia can help. Depending on your needs, home layout, and personal preferences, there are a number of factors to compare when choosing a security camera.

Do I need a home security camera? Are they worth it?

Unless you live in a multi-story apartment with secured elevators, doors, and garages, investing in a security camera is an effective way to improve your home’s safety and security. A security camera lets you deter intruders, monitor your home when you are away, and keep you and your family safe. While security cameras come with a cost, several benefits outweigh the expense, making it well worth the investment. In addition, having a security system that includes security cameras can reduce your home insurance costs, saving you money in the long run.

How many security cameras do I need?

The number of cameras you may need depends on the level of monitoring you wish to achieve, the complexity and size of your home, and whether you want to monitor both external and internal environments. An excellent way to quickly estimate the number of security cameras you need is to count the number of entrances and exits into your home, including front and back doors. If you have any large windows at ground level, consider placing cameras that can capture these spaces too. Installing multiple cameras means an increased cost; however, increasing visibility improves security and peace of mind.

Wired vs Wireless Security Cameras

There are two major security camera types: wired and wireless. Wired cameras are data-cabled throughout your home with the NVR (recording device) plugged into power and your router via an ethernet connection. A wireless security camera uses long-lasting lithium-ion batteries and a wifi connection. Wired security cameras allow for provide continuous 24/7 recording because there is no risk of depleting a battery. However, they are usually more expensive and require a technician to run data cables from all camera locations back through to the NVR. This adds to the cost as you are looking at additional labour time for installation and also requires ample roof space for our technicians to access. The wireless security camera system will only record when motion is detected. Wireless security cameras require occasional recharging, but they are far cheaper and can be paired with solar panels for continuous charge, assuming ample sun can get to the area of installation. 

What To Look for in a Security Camera

So, what exactly makes one security camera more effective than another? There are several features to watch when purchasing suitable security cameras for your home. Fast & Intelligent Motion Sensing

The speed at which a security camera registers movement and begins to record footage is crucial for capturing important moments. This will also allow the camera to alert you quickly to the motion detected on one of your cameras. This will help you better respond to potential threats or detect false alarms. Intelligent motion sensing can help reduce false alarms by correctly discerning between intruders and your household pets. Modern security cameras use computer vision to detect small animals and prevent them from activating your alarm or alert system. Motion detection systems should allow the user to change the sensitivity settings to help customise motion detection to your needs.

Spotlights for Your Outdoor Security Camera

Motion-sensing spotlights built into the camera can make a significant impact on the effectiveness of your security system. Firstly, a spotlight cam has improved visibility over a standard camera in low-light areas or during the evening. Spotlights are also effective at deterring intruders by letting them know a place is currently under surveillance and that they are being recorded. When choosing a spotlight camera is essential to know what kind of brightness you need, where the camera may be positioned, and whether the intensity and direction of the spotlight are customisable. Alternatively, our cameras have advanced features such as night vision, which uses infrared to pick up objects in low visibility conditions.


Knowing the quality and durability of the home security system you are investing in is essential. An outdoor security camera built to be weather resistant will generally last longer. Most cameras are positioned outside and can expect to be met with rain, wind, hail, sunshine, and heat. Ensure you understand the materials used in your security system and how it is constructed. An easy way to do this is to choose a system from a reputable outdoor security camera manufacturer with a good track record and a reasonable warranty period. Indoor security cameras should also be of high quality, but they are not expected to withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor use.  You can contact us directly for what you need and we can provide our recommendations along with a quote for the supply and installation of the products. 

Phone Connection

If your security camera system has a wifi or ethernet connection, the next step is to ensure you can receive notifications directly to your mobile device. Our modern security cameras have apps that allow you to view recorded footage and receive live updates when motion is detected. This provides you with a constant update on the safety and security of your home. If you do not have a system with a dedicated app, you should definitely reconsider the brands being used. 

Video Quality & Storage

The image quality of your video is crucial in gathering important information on intruders. The ability to store and access that data when needed provides a much-improved monitoring experience. When choosing a security camera, ensure the picture quality is at the very least 1080p. The video quality below this may make seeing essential details in the captured footage challenging. This is especially true if your camera is fitted with night vision, as low-light footage is commonly grainy. You can also choose to store footage locally or on the cloud. Local storage is quicker to access but requires physical hardware. Our wireless storage does not come with an ongoing subscription fee. 

Alarm system

Connecting your security cameras with a built in alarm system can give you and your family extra peace of mind. A security camera is a great deterrent, but a camera cannot prevent theft in the case of a burglary or intrusion. However, an alarm system can notify the surrounding area, yourself, and potentially local law enforcement about an incident. Check whether your security camera system can be installed with key cameras including a built in alarm for your safety. 

Security Camera FAQs

Do you need to be connected to wifi for security cameras?

Yes, most modern security cameras must be connected to the internet via wifi or ethernet if you want to be able to access the system remotely. In addition, modern security cameras usually upload footage to the cloud, rely on a central network, and provide live video streaming to smart apps.

Do home security cameras deter robbers?

Yes, security cameras have been shown to deter robbers or burglars as they do not wish to be caught on camera. Modern security cameras with smart motion detection can also provide live updates to your phone. Pairing security cameras with other security features is essential for maximum effectiveness.

Do security cameras detect pets?

Most modern security cameras do not register pets below a certain weight and size as a movement. This means your furry friend will not trip an alarm or use the battery power when moving past a wireless security camera, however if your pet is large this can be problematic. 

Do security cameras have night vision?

Some security cameras offer infrared night vision to capture footage with no or low light. However, an alternative is a spotlight cam, which uses motion detection to turn on a security light, improving the camera’s visibility. Night vision cameras are a great way to capture footage of areas where a spotlight cam may be inappropriate. All of our cameras have both infrared night vision and spotlight functionality as options. 


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