Wired Vs Wireless Cameras

Wired Vs Wireless Cameras

Should I go for a wired or wireless option when considering security cameras or CCTV?

This is a question we get daily from our customers as there is so much information online it can be hard to make a decision. In short, wired cameras are always going to be the more reliable option as they are directly connected to power allowing for more powerful hardware and features such as  24/7 recording. That said, Wireless Cameras can be a great option for many reasons which I will go through in this article.

Wired Cameras

Wired cameras will always be superior in terms of reliability, hardware and product longevity. As wired cameras are receiving a constant source of power, they often come with a higher resolution and the functionality of 24/7 recording as well as stronger hardware on the device. The wired solutions we use at Smarter Homes Australia are commercial-grade cameras which are an excellent, higher-end solution for anyone looking to secure their home or business. We primarily offer two types of Wired Camera systems for standard residential and commercial installations. Our essential camera system which comes with a great array of features including infrared night vision, AI technology for human and motor vehicle sensing, Quad HD quality, and much more. This is our most popular package and is perfect for anyone looking to secure their home. The advanced camera package includes TIOC (three in one camera) which provides the added benefit of in-built sensor lights and an active deterrent alarm system in each camera. This is an excellent solution for many small businesses and homes that want the added layer of security.  Further information on our Wired System can be found on our information pack here.

Wireless Cameras

There are plenty of reasons to choose a wireless camera solution for your property. The most common reason is that the pricing is substantially lower (often 50% less vs a standard wired system). Another key reason is that your property may not be accessible for wired cameras making it extremely challenging to install and adding to the cost of labour substantially. We have also solved one of the most challenging issues with the wireless system and that is the constant need to charge the cameras. Fortunately, we have customised solar panels for our system which allows a continuous charge to the camera helping them remain topped up year round.  The HD Wireless Camera System we use at Smarter Homes Australia comes with an array of features as a standard including inbuilt alarms, motion sensor lights, AI technology to detect humans only and much more. Further information on our wireless system can be found on our information pack here.


Which should I choose?

I have created a table below as a reference point and summary for anyone deciding between a wired (CCTV) and wireless camera system:

You are welcome to contact us directly at admin@smarterhomesaustralia.com or via our contact form so we can help with your selection. As South-East Queensland’s leading home automation and security company, we are happy to help with any questions you may have. Servicing Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and the Redlands, we are dedicated to helping all of our customers find the perfect fit for their home security and most importantly, peace of mind.

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