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Eufy HomeBase 3

Eufy HomeBase 3

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HomeBase 3 empowers your security devices with up to 16 TB expandable local storage (Additional storage drive not included)

Expandable Local Storage, No Monthly Fee: Protect your home and your wallet. Save recordings locally with no ongoing costs. 16GB of storage built-in and expandable up to 16TB.

Unified Security: The power of BionicMind allows you to use all your eufy Security devices together, integrated with the eufy Security app. HomeBase 3 will be compatible with the greater majority of eufy Security devices – please check below for current and future device compatibility timing.

BionicMind Empowers Your Security: See the true potential of your security with BionicMind—providing facial recognition that filters alerts, self-learning AI that improves accuracy to 99.9%, and auto-categorized security reports.

Encrypted to Protect Privacy: Keep your data away from prying eyes with Advanced encryption that ensures your information is only accessible by you.

Motion-Triggered Alarm: HomeBase 3 wards off unwelcome guests using an integrated 100dB alarm siren which can be triggered by motion from connected eufy Security devices.

click here for current and future device compatibility list


Works with:

  • Google


  • Alexa


  • Eufy


Additional Items

  • Trusted Licensed Security Company
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping for orders over $100
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BionicMind™️ Recognition

BionicMind™ differentiates between family and strangers with facial recognition to filter alerts.

Expand Your Local Storage

Up to 16 TB Expandable Local Storage (Additional Storage Drive Not Included)

Zero Hidden Costs

Protect your home as well as your wallet.