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Sensibo Pure

Sensibo Pure

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Introducing the Sensibo Purethe worlds most advanced smart air purifier that will keep you healthy and energized. This device effectively eliminates pollen, dust, mold, smoke, bacteria, and even viruses from your home or office. Equipped with a powerful HEPA & Carbon filter, Sensibo Pure removes the smallest particles and safeguards you from illness-causing pollutants. The integrated smart sensing technology monitors the air quality 24/7 and turns itself on and off accordingly. Finally, you can enjoy a breath of fresh air anytime, anywhere, with Sensibo Pure.

Protect the air you breathe

Take control of your indoor air quality and revolutionize the way you breathe with the Sensibo Pure. Poor indoor air quality can cause a range of health effects from loss of focus, bad sleep, allergy flare-ups, and common sicknesses. Stop breathing dirty air and energize your life with the Sensibo Pure air purifier.


The Sensibo Pure reduces symptoms of allergies by removing them from your air


Dust from dead skin cells, pet dander & other pollutants block our airways


Reduce mold growth & odors by stopping mold spores from spreading in your home


Remove odors from smoke caused by cooking mishaps, wildfires & cigarettes


The Pure removes harmful bacteria that can make you ill from your air


Stop viruses from spreading in your home by neutralizing them before they get you sick

Smart sensing technology makes air quality better

Smart protection against viruses

Pure Boost, equipped with our strong HEPA & Carbon filters, removes particles as small as 0.1um and protects against viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke, bad odors.

Always on, smart sensing

Equipped with an indoor air quality sensor, Sensibo Pure measures 24/7 your indoor air quality and turns on and off autonomously. ​

Set and forget

Sensibo Pure automatically adjusts its operation, based on the people in your home, the indoor air quality, the pollution outside and the time of day.

Stronger air filtration

When you leave home, Pure Boost will set the purification on turbo mode, so that when you come back, the air is safe and clean.

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