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Smart Video Doorbell G4

Smart Video Doorbell G4

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Requires a Wi-Fi network connection. 

Aqara G4 is a unique video doorbell that can be wired or battery- powered. It is also the first battery-powered option to work with Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video and supports streaming to Google and Alexa smart displays, featuring local AI used for facial recognition alerts, automations, and much more.

Works with:

  • Apple Homekit

    Apple Homekit

    To use Apple HomeKit you must have a compatible Hub such as a HomePod, HomePod mini or Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Ethernet

  • Alexa


  • Google


  • Aqara


Additional Items

  • Trusted Licensed Security Company
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping for orders over $100
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Local AI Face Recognition

The Aqara doorbell's most significant strength is its built-in local face algorithm, which enables rapid identification of individuals outside the door. Users can assign a name to a specific face, and receive push notifications through the app or set unique automations* based on the person's identity. Even if the network connection is occasionally disrupted, the recognition function remains unaffected.

Works with Apple Home etc

This is Australia's first battery-based HomeKit Secure Video doorbell**. Its primary strength is the HomeKit Secure Video feature that enables video analysis and notifications to occur on Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. All data is encrypted before it's stored in Apple's iCloud***, ensuring reliable security. Additionally, the doorbell can integrate audio and video with Google and Alexa, allowing for interconnection.

Free Cloud and Local Storage

The Aqara G4 is designed to provide an optimal storage experience while helping users save money, with seven days of free cloud storage. The G4 also features an indoor chime that allows for local MicroSD card storage, offering a safer and more convenient option.

On-demand Video and Two-Way Talk

With the Aqara G4, users can easily answer the door from anywhere using their smartphones. Whether at home or on the other side of the world, they can see and talk to visitors in real-time. The app sends a notification when a visitor arrives, allowing users to check the situation outside their door via video, converse, or simply check. The G4 is equipped with a 162° super wide-angle field of view, 1080p HD video, and a full glass (4 Glass) lens, providing clear and stable video quality. Moreover, the G4 is suitable for outdoor use, thanks to its higher ambient temperature stability and IPX3 waterproof rating.

Battery and Wired 2-in-1

For those looking for a long-term power solution, a wired power supply may be the best option. If wired power installation isn't suitable, then a battery power supply may be preferable. Additionally, users can wire the G4 to a transformer so that the batteries are only used in case of power outages. The G4 features a 6-battery pack that allows it to operate for up to 4 months****. The doorbell can be powered by detachable AA batteries and an external power supply of 12-24V AC or DC, ensuring it meets most installation requirements.

Chime-Repeater Included

The G4 doorbell includes an indoor Wi-Fi chime. With a volume of up to 95 dB, the chime ensures that you won't miss any visitors. In case of a sudden network disconnection, the chime's stable network connection ensures that it will continue to function. Additionally, the G4 supports MicroSD card storage of up to 512GB for doorbell video, which can be securely stored in the indoor chime and cannot be easily stolen (MicroSD card must be purchased separately by the user)

Voice Changing Option

G4 doorbell includes a unique voice-changing dialogue technology, setting it apart from other video doorbells. With this feature, users can alter the voice of the intercom audio to sound like an uncle, a robot, or a clown, which provides an extra layer of privacy and identity protection.

Support Do Not Disturb Mode

Users have the ability to customize both the ringing period and ringing volume. Furthermore, with the Do Not Disturb mode feature, even if someone maliciously rings the doorbell in the middle of the night, users can rest assured that they won't be disturbed.

Personalised Custom Ringtones

This function allows users to upload personalized custom ringtones, which can be automatically configured to play on either the outdoor doorbell or indoor repeater. Additionally, the doorbell supports automatic linkage configuration, such as identifying strangers and broadcasting a message on the outdoor doorbell

Various Abnormal State Alarms

The G4 doorbell offers flexible alarm state configurations to remind owners of potential safety concerns and equipment status, such as when the doorbell is forcefully removed, the outdoor temperature is abnormal, someone remains at the door, or the battery power is low.

Set Masking Area

The device includes a privacy protection feature that allows users to block up to 3 designated areas on the live and recorded video screen. This protects the privacy of neighbors, especially those living in apartment buildings


* Need Aqara Hub and other accessories to achieve ** To control this HomeKit-enabled accessory, the latest version of IOS or iPadOS is recommended. HomeKit Secure Video also requires a supported iCloud+ plan. *** iCloud or other supported third-party cloud storage may require additional subscription from the users **** The calculation based on 35 device wake-ups and 6-second event video recording a day. Battery life may vary in different scenario

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Tech Specs

Doorbell Main Module:

Model: SVD-C03/4

Video Resolution: 1080p

Viewing Angle: 162° (diagonal)

PIR Detection Angle: Horizontal 120°, vertical 80°

Wireless Protocols: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz

Battery: 6 * LR6 AA alkaline battery (Replaceable)

Wired Input: 12V-24V AC 0.2A 50/60Hz 8V-24V DC 0.5A

Operating Temperature: -18°C ~ 50°C (-0.4°F ~ 122°F)

Operating Humidity: 0 ~ 95% RH, no condensation

Chime Repeater:

Model: SVD-C03/4

Loudspeaker Power: 2 W

Wireless Protocols: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz + WPA3

Ports: USB-C, can use and recommended to use 5V USB DC UPS

Input Power: 5 V⎓1 A

Total Power Consumption: 5 W

Local Storage: Support up to 512 GB microSD card local storage

Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)

Operating Humidity: 0 ~ 95% RH, no condensation


Codec: H.264

Frame rate: 1080p@20fps/720p@20fps/360p@20fps (Adjustable)


Audio: AAC coding, bidirectional voice 

Overall Product: 

Color: Black 

Dimensions (Main module): 141.5×65×30.4mm

Doorbell net weight : 163g(no battery) 

Repeater size : 65.2×65×28.4mm

Repeater net weight: 68g

Packing box size: 148×96×73mm(5.83×3.78×2.87 in.)

Gross weight: 550g/ 1.21lbs


The outdoor doorbell can be wall mounted, and the indoor unit can be wall mounted or placed on flat ground 

What is in the Box

Smart Video Doorbell G4×1, Chime Repeater×1, AA Battery×6, User Manual× 1, Screwdriver×1, Wall Screws & Anchors kit×1, 20° Wedge Bracket×1, Wedge Screws Kit×1, Cable for Chime×1

How to guide


1.Contactless doorbell for maximum safety

With the G4, users can create an automation that triggers a pre-recorded custom ringtone to play on the doorbell's main unit when an unknown person is detected on the porch. For example, the ringtone could say "Dear guest, please stay for 5 more seconds and the doorbell will ring automatically." This allows the doorbell to ring without the need for physical interaction.

(Video Doorbell G4)

2.Automations triggered by face detection

Smart home control is now personalized, so that when you enter your home, only the devices you need will be controlled automatically. You can also set up different actions to be triggered when a family member, dog walker, or other specific person is detected.

(Video Doorbell G4 + Hub + Controllers)

3.G4 is a viable part of Aqara Home alert system 

The Aqara G4, when used with the Aqara Zigbee hubs, can function as more than just a security camera. It can also serve as a powerful 95 dB siren, capable of sounding an alarm in the event of a break-in, motion detection, water leaks, and other types of events.

(Video Doorbell G4 + Hub + Sensor)